1.    what is ERP name its softwares?

ERP stands for Enterprise  Resource Planning. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a concept that integrates all aspects of a business e.g, accounting, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, planning, project management etc. at a single place. An ERP system such as SAP is expensive.


2.    as a junior administrator which technique of firewall would u use to restrict ur workers not to open other websites?

Application gateway firewall

It operates at application layer of the OSI Model. It uses strong user authentication to verify identity of a
host attempting to connect to the network using application layer protocols such us FTP. In contrast to
packet filter firewall, it filters the requests rather than packets entering/leaving the network. It can block any outgoing HTTP or FTP requests. It can prevent employees of a company inside a firewall from
downloading potentially dangerous programs from the outside. In other words, this type of firewall is used to control connections thus employees of a company can be restricted from connecting to certain web sites


3.    logical operations of javascript?
Logical operators of java script are as under:‘&&’ for logical and ‘||’ for logical or ‘!’ for logical not

4.    there was a coding and asked to explain it?

5.    one question was to write the coding??

6.    what are NORESIZE and SCROLLSIZE attribute in frame tag?

NORESIZE – used in the <frame> tag, prevents the surfers from changing the size of the frame
- SCROLLING – this attribute determines whether a scroll bar appears with a frame (e.g,
Scrolling=“yes” in the <frame> tag makes it appear).

What is the use of 'marquee' tag? 2

 <MARQUEE ...> creates a scrolling display. <MARQUEE ...> is an MSIE extension, but is now supported by NS 7.<MARQUEE ...> is often regarded as one of the "evil" tags, and that perception alone might be enough reason to not use it. However, used lightly and with taste (and understanding that it will never render everywhere), <MARQUEE ...> isn't such a bad tag. It can work well for announcements.

Why the tag 'padding' is used in CSS. 2


padding – general property that applies to all four padding properties in this order: ‘padding
top, padding-right, padding-bottom, padding-left’.

padding-top – adds space on top of the content
padding-right – adds space to the right of the content
padding-bottom – adds space below the content
padding-left – adds space to the left of the content


HTML Coding for a creating a drop down list. 3


Example - lists

METHOD="POST"> Select your nationality :<P>
<SELECT NAME=“Nationality" SIZE="4">