MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Subjective Question from Final Term Exam

what is Globalization?

What is importance of confidence in oral presentation ?

What are the important factors on the tone of memorandum ?

What are the important points in writing refusal letter ?

What is Solicited application letter ?

Expalin Table of content of formal report?

Whai is AIDA Plan ?

TQM got important , justify with reason ?

Individual play important role in performance appraisal?

What are the steps in selection of employee for organisation?

Describe  horizontal structure and network organisational structure?

A Company upgrade system from manual record to computerized record, is it organisational development . justify with reason.

Managers take rational decision making when risk is high . explain with reason.

What are the five powers at work place?

Divide the topic under research guideline in writing application letter

1 What are the ingredients of total quality management? Elements

  1. A total commitment to:
  2. High-quality results.
  3. Continuous improvement.
  4. Customer satisfaction.
  5. Meeting customers’ needs.
  6. Doing all tasks right the first time.

2 Mr Arslan is a managing director at super corporation he is not happy with the culture of the organization it is the time to change the culture of the organization discuss different requirements Mr Arslan should consider for a successful change of different organization culture?

What are the requirements for successfully Changing of Organizational Culture ?