MGT603 Strategic Management Solved MCQs from Quiz (a)

All of the following are the outputs of a system EXCEPT:
Data (Page 74)

Total weighted scores of IFE matrix below 2.5 characterizes an organization as:
Organization is externally weak
Organization is internally weak (Page 75)
Organization is internally strong
Organization is externally strong

Matching stage of the strategy formulation framework comprises of formulating which of the following set of strategies?
BCG, SPACE and QSPM Matrix
BCG, SPACE and TOWS Matrix (Page 97)
SPACE, TOWS and IFE Matrix
BCG, SPACE and EFE Matrix

Which of the following strategy generally entails large research and development expenditures?
Market penetration
Forward integration
Product development (Page 90)

What is the most complex form of organizational structure?
Strategic business unit
Matrix (Page 120)

A joining of two companies through one company buying more than one half of the other company's stocks is known as:
A spin-off
An acquisition
A merger

Which of the following are two negative-rated dimensions on SPACE Matrix?
FS and CA
CA and ES (Page 100)
FS and IS
IS and ES

Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of QSPM?
Sets of strategies can be examined simultaneously.
No limit for number of strategies to be evaluated.
Can be used by large as well as small firms.
It integrates only external factors in decision process.

Which of the following are Porter's generic strategies?
Low price, differentiation, focus
Cost leadership, differentiation, focus (Page 78)
Price leadership, differentiation, focus
Low cost, differentiation, focus differentiation

Which one of the following is the organizational structure that most of the medium-size organizations follow?
Divisional structure (Page 117)
Strategic business unit
Functional structure
Matrix structure

Which of the followings best describes the Horizontal integration?
A firm takes over a supplier
A firm takes over a distributor
A firm takes over a competitor (Page 80)
A firm takes over a manufacturer

‘Harvest or divest’ is one of the major regions of which of the following?
Competitive Profile Matrix
Internal-External Matrix (Page 105)
SPACE Matrix
Grand Strategy Matrix

Integration strategies are sometimes collectively referred to as which of these strategies?
Horizontal integration
Forward integration
Hierarchical integration
Vertical integration (Page 81)

Which stage of the "Strategy Formulation Framework" includes an External Factor Evaluation Matrix and a Competitive Profile Matrix?
Input stage (Page 97)
Output stage
Matching stage
Decision stage

The total weighted score of IFE matrix developed for XYZ corporation is 3.5. Which of the following statement is TRUE about XYZ Corporation in the light of IFE matrix total weighted score?
Corporation has strong external position
Corporation has weak internal position
Corporation has strong internal position
Corporation has weak external position

MGT603 Strategic Management IFE Matrix

Lack of access to key distribution channel indicates which of the following?

Which stage of the strategy-formulation framework consists of the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix?
Formulation framework
Matching stage
Decision stage (Page 97)
All of the given options

The last remedy for Quadrant II firm is to follow which strategy?
Horizontal integration
Market development
Forward integration
Divestiture (Page 107)