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Which of the following is a goal-directed summary of a person's experience, education and training developed for use in the selection process?
► Curriculum vitae
► Educational record
► Career goal
► Interview questioning


Which of the following force makes an individual eligible to make decisions, give orders & directing work activities of others?
► Power
► Influence
► Authority
► Command


Previous company records & customer satisfaction surveys may serve as a source for:
► Cultivating learning culture within the organization
► Determining deficiencies that require training
► Developing career development plans for employees
► Identifying training outcomes through evaluation


Which of the following method includes the exchange of information between organizational member & the applicant through a goal-oriented conversation?

► Counseling simulations
► Vocational interest test
► Role playing
► Employment interview


Which of the given employment testing approach requires individuals to perform activities similar to those they might encounter in an actual job?
► In-basket technique
► Role playing
► Interview simulations
► Case study


As an HR manager, what should be your main focus while recruitment?
► The potential candidate must posses interpersonal and analytical skills
► The potential candidate should be very confident and sharp
► The potential candidate must be attractive enough to fit in the position
► The potential candidate should match the requirements of the job




What could be the main consideration of an HR manager during recruitment? 
► Outsource the employee selection to recruiting agencies
► Screen the pool of appropriate applicants
► Attract a large number of applicants
► Only hire the experienced candidates


'There is no need to make any new appointment'; therefore, the organization has transfered Mr. Azam to another branch. This step of the organization is taken to:
► Increase the labor supply than demand
► Maintain the balance of labor supply and demand
► Decrease the labor supply than demand
► Devastate the balance of labor supply and demand


Term used to refer the potential employees available for work within the geographic area from which employees are recruited is:
► Labor market
► Employment market
► Employee market
► Job market


The best way of reducing the problems of leniency or strictness in performance appraisals is to:
► Rank employees
► Train supervisors to avoid it
► Impose a distribution for performance
► Consider the purpose of the appraisal


Which of the following problem occurs when supervisors tend to rate all their subordinates consistently low?
► Central tendency
► Leniency
► Strictness
► Halo effect

c.Leniency/Strictness—The giving of undeserved high or low ratings.


Rating a person high or low on all items because of one characteristic during performance appraisal, is known as:
► Halo effect
► Central tendency
► Stereotyping
► Biasness

Halo Error—Occurs when the evaluator perceives one factor as being of paramount

importance and gives a good or bad overall rating to an employee based on this factor.


Which of the following performance appraisal method is usually adopted for evaluating performance at managerial positions?
► Management by objective
► Critical incident
► Paired comparison
► Essay method


In which method supervisor keeps a log of positive and negative examples of a subordinate’s work-related behavior?
► Management by objective
► Comparison method
► Essay method
► Critical incident method


Sale is decreasing due to substitute product, this statement related to which one of the following research?
Select correct option:

Causal research
Observational research
Experimental research
Survey research


Following are the elements of the marketing mix EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Target market


Following are the elements of the marketing mix EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Target market


The BCG growth-share matrix classifies which of the following four types of SBUs?
Select correct option:

Product; price; promotion; placement
Sales; market share; price; promotion
Stars; cash cows; question marks; dogs



Selecting the right competitive advantage is part of which one of the following concepts?
Select correct option:

Target marketing
Market Positioning
Market segmentation
Undifferentiated Marketing


Following are the factors that influence consumer behavior EXCEPT:
Select correct option:




Following are the factors that influence consumer behavior EXCEPT:
Select correct option:



Companies should set up systems that ___ customer to complain.
Select correct option:

Do not allow
None of the given options


person’s buying choices are further influenced by four major psychological factors. Which is NOT one of these factors?
Select correct option:

Habitual buying behavior



In the Boston Consulting Group approach, which one of the following is a measure of company strength in the market?
Select correct option:

Relative market share
BCG matrix
Business portfolio
Market growth rate


Which one of the following is NOT base for marketing segmentation?
Select correct option:
Consumer markets
Industrial markets
Business markets
International markets