Due date and Subject code  will be mentioned in TO DO LIST  for each Quiz. When It reached to deadline it submit button will be enabled to start the quiz...once you click it, popup window will open. You can start your quiz by clicking on start button.

Follow few guidelines about Online Quiz...
1. There will be at least one day given for solving each Quiz....
2. There will be 10 to 20 MCQs in each Quiz.
3.  Each MCQ will have 1 mark.   vuzs
4. You will be given 1 Min and 30 sec to select and click the sumbit button. You must click the sumbit button otherwise you will be marked zero.
5. Try to attempt quiz in one go...Don't do it in parts...otherwise you will loose some questions...incase of  any power breakdown during the Quiz then you can continue your quiz after restoration of power.
6. Before attempting your Quiz.....You can practice with Past Quizzes (Solved MCQs) provided at www.vuzs.info
Fuad Hasan