Internship Report on Commercial Bank of Kuwait

Executive Summary 

I considered Commercial bank of Kuwait for my internship program after careful consideration as it is one of the prominent local bank of Kuwait. This internship provided me the opportunity to learn more about the banking sector in Kuwait. This report is about my internship at Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Mubarik Al Kabir Branch from 15th May to 23rd June for six weeks. During my internship I was able to learn practical features of banking and obtain a good working experience from professionals.

The first day, I reported to Human Resource Department and met the training supervisor, XXXX. She gave me brief introduction of the bank and its policies. Later on, I went to the Branch, and met the Branch Manager, XXXX, who was very courteous and cooperative. She introduced me to the Supervisor Customer Services. According to bank policy, every internee is rotated among various departments, in order to get the general awareness about the Bank operations. This departmental rotation is usually for a week. During the internship I learned about various bank operations. In retail banking I have gone through operational aspects of customer service, loans, fixed deposit, safe custody, credit cards, foreign exchange and remittances. I have learnt how they function and deal with different type of customers every day. I have tried to grasps all the detail and working.

Each department has its own supervisor who reports to Deputy Branch Manager and who in turn reports to the Branch Manager. The staff at CBK is predominantly Kuwaiti nationals. The attendance at CBK was very important, so I was suppose to sign daily attendance sheet with the branch manager’s secretary. The bank staff was very friendly and cooperative, so I had a very relaxed time and above all I got a chance to learn from them. At the completion of my internship program, I reported back to HR, which issued me an Internship Completion Letter & Internee Evaluation Form. I am sure that this report will provide you a complete momentary look of the bank, where I have completed my internship. Moreover this report depicts my practical experience that I have gained and learned during this internship program.

BNKI619: Internship Report (Banking) by Mehreen Humayun