Q. What are the Objectives of Product packaging and Labeling? , What are the Advantages of packing?, What are the benefits of packaging?
Q. Packaging can increase the sales of products but it can act vice versa as well. Explain it with examples.

Packaging is very important element in marketing mix. The objectives and goals of packaging are many. Mostly good packaging enhance product sale. But if packaging is not done with planning or care then it can sabotage all the effort. Because mostly packaging is done for the safety of the product and its transportation purposes. Suppose if the box or carton in which a perishable product is enclosed it leaks then what will be the impression of that product on customers. It will defame the product and company or brand.

The objectives that are gotten by packaging and labeling are

1- Safety

2- Agglomeration

3- Information

4- Advertising through labeling

5- Marketing by attractive packaging