ENG201 Technical and Business English - Impromptu and Extempore methods of presentation

Compare and contrast the impromptu and extempore methods of presentation.


The impromptu method is a form of speech delivery that involves speaking from notes. This method is ideal for a speaker needing to deliver a short speech with little preparation time. With the impromptu method, a speaker will organize his speech in outline form, create notes with the key points of the presentation and deliver the speech from the notes. This method allows a speaker to deliver a speech in a natural manner while maintaining eye contact and engaging an audience.


The extemporaneous method is a form of speech delivery that involves combining the manuscript, memorization and impromptu methods to create a carefully prepared and planned speech. For this method, a speaker will organize a speech with an outline, write down the speech word for word and practice the delivery. A speaker may highlight key points in the speech to quote verbatim and memorize other portions of the speech to speak in a more conversational tone. The extemporaneous method of delivery allows a speaker to engage an audience and adapt to any speaking situation.